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Top Promotional Products and Apparel for Events


Event T-ShirtsBranded promotional products and apparel are a large part of events. Most events give away branded gear with the event logo leading up to and during the event. This is a great way to create hype and increase attendance. In addition, events often sell branded items like t-shirts, coozies and bracelets at or before the event and offer co-branded items as a way to entice sponsors. People love to wear and use gear that promote their favorite events. At the Gear Group, we have partnered with many local and national events to increase their ROI and brand recognition. Our products get people excited and make them feel like they are a part of the event.  Here are the top products for events:



Races and Walks

  1. Golf balls and teesT-shirts
  2. Awards
  3. Water Bottles
  4. Tank Tops
  5. Lanyards

Golf Outing

  1. Golf Ball
  2. Polo Shirts
  3. Auction or Sponsor Gift  items (such as embroidered luggage, imprinted yeti’s and camelbacks and cooler bags)
  4. Golf tees
  5. T-shirts


  1. Coozies
  2. T-Shirts
  3. Yard Signs
  4. Banners
  5. Silicone Bracelets

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In addition to the traditional items that are needed for events,  we always try to help our clients think of new and fun ideas. For example, pop sockets are a trending item. People are using them to hold and prop up their cell phones to watch videos and take photos. They work nice as an event promotion giveaway because they are useful and popular. Consequently others will also see your brand.

In addition, it is important to understand your target market when selecting items to brand. Each event has a target demo and considering the likes and dislikes and trends in that demo will help you pick an appropriate products. For example, if your event is geared toward children and most of them are brought to the event by their moms, you have to think about what not only do the children want, but more importantly what the moms will let them keep and what the moms themselves will uses. Most moms would keep a tube of chapstick or a bottle of hand sanitizer in their purse, so those items might be worth considering.

Thanks for your interest in The Gear Group and please reach out to us anytime for more ideas!