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Increase Membership with Promotional Products: Churches & Organizations

Increase Membership with Promotional Products: Churches & Organizations

Most churches and organizations are looking for new ways to increase membership. Promotional products not only increase your brand awareness but they leave a lasting impression that lingers with prospective members and the community. Branded gear stimulates people to talk about your brand and remember interactions they have had with your organization. It also can be gifted between people and social circles, increasing the reach of your message.  So, how do you use promotional products to increase membership and awareness for your church or organization?

Increase Referrals – Many new church and organization members come from referrals. If you arm your members with promotional products that have your logo you give them the tools they need to help increase your membership. They will wear and share your brand with others. This will stimulate conversations about your brand and increase brand awareness within the community. Every member needs to have branded items like apparel, bags, coolies, magnets and more that they can share with new prospects to encourage them to learn more about you!

Network at Events – If you integrate promotional products into your events it gives your attendees a lasting impression. This will help them remember the essence of your brand; including the people, culture and community and increases the chances that they will sign up to become a member. Give away something usable that people will hang on to.

Incentives for Current Members – Since current members are your most valuable mouthpiece, why not give them credit for the referrals they bring to your organization by posting and sharing new new memberships and who referred them, in a community area at your venue or online. In addition, reward referrers who bring in new members with branded gifts to thank them for their efforts. A branded hoodie, umbrella or stadium cushion will be used and appreciated by your member and also share your brand with more prospects.

Promotional products work!