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Who is the Gear Group?
Watch the video or read about us on our About Us page to learn about The Gear Group.
My order was inaccurate, defective or there are missing items, now what?
Please call 866-721-7446. Please include the product number and what is wrong with the product in all correspondence. Do not ship product back until receiving authorization.
How do I know my color choices are accurate?
Imprint and item color combinations must be chosen carefully. Certain colors may not mix well to provide a vibrant print. For example, dark color imprints on dark colored products will make imprints of low contrast and may make them hard to read. We recommend printing light colors onto a dark surface and dark colors onto a light surface. We will not limit your color match preferences nor will we be responsible for the choice of imprint color(s) selected.
What is your proofing process?
We will provide an electronic proof on all orders via email or our online proofing web page. Your proof must be approved prior to production. When you approve your order you are assuming responsibility for approval of proofs as is including proof reading, colors and errors.

If we produce work that contains errors that are not caused by The Gear Group then you are responsible for full productions costs, as well as for the cost of producing the work a second time, if you request us to do so.
What are The G2 Outlets?
The G2 Outlet is where we create and house online storefronts for businesses, groups or organizations to distribute logo gear to a designated audience. In addition, we offer fundraising storefronts and rebate programs to help the store admin raise funds to support a cause, charity or program.
Who can start a G2 Outlet storefront?
Any business, group or organization who can meet the minimum sale requirements for the items in the store.
What are the minimum orders required to maintain a store?
Fundraisers have a 90 day maximum term and require a minimum of a 12 piece order to fulfill. If minimum is not met, buyers will be refunded. Other G2 storefronts require at least 1 order per month or 12 orders per year to stay live. If you are not receiving the minimum order, reach out to us for ideas to promote your store or add items to give users a reason to come back and shop.
Are the funds I raise in a fundraiser G2 Outlet store taxable?
By law it is your responsibility to report any income you generate from your fundraiser campaign. Please consult your tax professional for further information.
How do I know that my donation or purchase in a Fundraiser G2 Outlet store is going to a real charity or cause?
Each charity, brand or cause is displayed within the storefront where one orders, so you can reach out to them directly with questions regarding the use of the donated funds.
Will I receive a donation receipt after I make a purchase?
We can provide you a donation receipt upon request. Please contact us at
Additional Provisions:
All The Gear Group pricing is subject to change without notice. Shipping changes will be additional. Sales tax will be applied if required by law. Fulfillment of order may be affected by availability of product or delays beyond the control of The Gear Group. Delivery and billing of not over ten percent (10%) more or less than quantities ordered constitutes filling the order under trade practices.