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About g2 Storefronts

Thank you for your interest in the G2 Outlet. We provide businesses, groups and organizations e-commerce solutions for their logo gear. We want to handle your apparel orders and free you of the hassle of order management and fulfillment. We would love to learn about our apparel and merchandise needs so we can create the perfect G2 outlet for you.

Who needs a G2 Outlet?

Larger sized organizations who need to streamline logo usage and gear or are trying to distribute to a widespread network will love the ease of having an online storefront to process orders. One can order in bulk to lower the item cost or let each department, location or contact order individually and we handle fulfillment so, often times we cut out the middle man and make ordering easy!

Smaller size operations who could benefit from our stores range from groups, individuals raising funds for a cause, sports teams and smaller businesses or churches. Any time you want to sell merchandise with a consistent brand or message to a network or people at a consistent price and production quality, we are the solution. Your store could sell spirit wear, awards, bags, umbrellas, and much more.


We can help you to create a custom fundraiser campaign of your own! First, we will work with you to hand select an apparel item from our hundreds of options. Then we will design or apply your design and set up a G2 Outlet with the customized apparel item priced to meet your goal. Finally, we will display these items in your storefront for purchase.

Then you promote your campaign to stimulate orders and make sales. The more items you sell, the more money you raise. We recommend sharing the campaign on social media or via email to raise awareness of your fundraiser campaign. At the end of the campaign, we will print and fulfill all orders placed. Fundraisers have a 90 day maximum term and require a minimum of 12 pieces ordered to fulfill. If minimum is not met, buyers will be refunded.

You can raise funds for any cause you choose, buy typically people buy to support a good cause, or just because they like the design of the apparel. Get support for your cause by being creative and let’s get going!

Some ideas for fundraising campaigns are:

  • Support a local celebrity
  • Animal Rescue
  • Sports Equipment
  • School supplies for kids in need
  • Project fundraising
  • Supporting a cause
  • A Charity
  • Environmental clean up
  • Raise awareness on an issue

Rebate Program

In addition to fundraiser campaigns, rebate programs can be set up on G2 Outlet stores for a rebate back to the administrator of any G2 Outlet. A standard 5% can be kicked back to the organizer to help with product set up or the support an organization – the rebate can be used as needed by the store owner. For example, a school PTO can promote their spirit store and sell logo gear to parents and community members and receive a 5% check back at the end of each month to support the organization. Just notify the Gear Group¬†that your ideal storefront includes a rebate program and let’s get going!