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5 ways to plan ahead and get your Healthcare Promotional Products

Healthcare Promotional Products

Whether you are starting a new office or facility, or have an existing location promotional products are a great way to get your name out there and we want to help you plan ahead with your healthcare promotional product campaigns. Branded products will keep your healthcare business top of mind with your target audience. There are many products that can be customized that are specific to the healthcare industry like ice packs, hand sanitizer, scrubs and thermometer, but just like any other industry your promotional product has to meet the needs of  your campaign to truly maximize it’s potential.

For example, if you are a dentist office trying to target families a great way to do so is to pass out branded kids sized toothbrushes to elementary schools or daycare facilities. The kids will bring them home to be used. And the parents will see the your brand and associate you as a local expert who is promoting healthy habits for families. But, if your product doesn’t connect to your target audience it is easy to miss the mark.

So, establishing your campaign goal and target audience are key factors to determine before you start a campaign. But, like many of us, we are behind the eight ball or rushing to meet a deadline. We don’t have time to think through our needs and we just need something quick and cheap to suffice an immediate need. Consequently, one might pay too much or choose a product that can meet the deadline, but isn’t the best choice.

Here are 5 ways to to plan ahead and ensure your chosen products will meet your campaign goals.  

  1. Consult with a promotional products expert – A good expert can help you understand what products are new and trendy. They can also provide you with healthcare promotional product ideas and manage your campaigns for you so that you are not scrambling at the last minute. In addition, if you consult with them on a regular basis you will enable them to be a part of your team. The more they know about you, the more they can help.  Then they can provide you with a constant stream of ideas and sale products.
  2. Plan annually – You may not have your entire year on a calendar, but at the very least you may have an idea of a couple of events you will be attending and what market segment you are trying to grow. So, planning annually will help you to lay out the calendar and think through your target audience and be sure your items are appropriate.
  3. Establish a budget – Knowing what you want to spend is a key factor for all of  your marketing. With promotional products specifically, it will help you to determine a quantity and quality of the product that interests you. So, if you are looking for water bottles and you have a budget, you will either get a lower quantity of a quality bottle or a larger quantity of an less costly product, but it will force you to think through your goals and make those decisions in advance.
  4. Establish brand standards – It is key that your brand is represented as a logo and that you have single color as well as possible multi-color versions of the logo to accommodate all types of applications for printing and imprinting your logo. In addition, it is also nice to have a primary and secondary version of your logo that offer vertical or stacked arrangement as well as a more horizontal design. Imprint areas on different product vary quite a bit and having those on hand make the ordering process more efficient. In addition, it is necessary to have all versions of your logo as vector art (.eps or ai file) to ensure your imprint will be done at the best quality possible.
  5. Repurpose products – We all like to save money and to be efficient.  As you may know, the higher the quantity of healthcare promotional products that you order the more the each price typically comes down. If you are able to plan annually and look at  the upcoming year you may find that some products will work for more than one application. In addition, you might find that products that you are buying now can be replaced with logoed products and increase  your brand awareness. For example, a client of ours at The Gear Group gives each of his customers a bottle of lotion. He was buying the lotion at a national chain. Upon evaluating upcoming needs, we determined that he can still buy lotion, but why not buy lotion with his brand on it? In addition, he has an event coming up where this product also fit the target audience there, so he was able to get his each cost way down and get his logo out there. So, when you are considering upcoming uses be sure to think about events, corporate/christmas gifts, corporate awards, signage (including logo magnets or decals), apparel and marketing campaigns.

So, whether you have had a chance to plan ahead or if you are just looking for a trusted resource to help you find good products and apparel for the healthcare industry, we can help you out anytime or you can shop our products here. In addition, we offer healthcare products made in the USA . Thank you for your interest in The Gear Group