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Be the Good, Love Wins!

I woke up horrified on the morning of Monday, October 2nd. My news feeds were stacked with reports of the The Las Vegas shooting and I watched and read as the victim count increased. I was fortunate enough that myself and my loved ones were safe, but there were so many who were not. I was saddened and overwhelmed that day. How do comprehend why something as horrific as this would happen and how do you even begin to explain that to your kids? I had no words, but I knew I wanted to help. I wanted to do something to contribute to the good in the world and bring it into focus.

I happened to be out of the country when the attack happened, but over the next few days I was inspired by the response to this tragedy and unity I saw in the country music community and in Las Vegas. When I returned to work, I was met with other concerned co-workers, such as our CEO Randy Crow, who reminded me that Live Nation, the promoter behind Route 91, is a client of our sister company Source One Digital and Shan Bonjernoor, The Gear Group Vice President, who had learned after that event that her brother was in the area of the shooting, but was thankfully safe.

Be the Good, Love Wins!We had a conversation that quickly turned to action. We developed the “Be The Good Love Wins” brand to launch as a fundraiser campaign. We are selling shirts and gear with the campaign slogan online. All of the proceeds will be donated directly to the Las Vegas victims fund to help with medical and living expenses that they have incurred through this horrible tragedy. We are partnering with iHeart Radio to get the word out.  We are selling individual items but one can also get a company, church or organization together and purchase a sponsorship package and we will add a logo to the gear for larger orders.

In addition to helping with monetary donations for the Las Vegas victims, we also wanted to help combat negativity by focusing on the positive. We are reaching out to our local community and asking them to buy and wear the apparel and share the message behind this campaign. We ask that you wear the shirts as a reminder for people to be the good the world needs – be a good brother, neighbor, friend, daughter, student etc.

Finally, let’s flood our social media feeds with positivity! We ask that you post the “good” in your life on social media (Twitter, Instagram & Facebook) and use the hash tag #bethegoodlovewins. Post any photo that demonstrates people being good. Whether it’s doing a good deed in the community, making others feel good, being a good student or friend  or being a good parent – please share it. It’s all good!#bethegoodlovewins

We will be selecting photos from your posts to share on our social media feeds as well as on our digital road sign along Seaway Drive in Muskegon. And, 107 WMUS may also mention your post on the radio. So, you might end up kinda being a big deal – just for doing and sharing things you are likely already doing!

Join us to support and share “Be the Good, Love Wins!


Carly Crow

President, The Gear Group