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American Made Promotional Products and Apparel

american flagWe sell American made products. Today, as national news focuses on the changing landscape of the major players in overseas shipping, know that at The Gear Group we offer thousands of products made right here in the USA. Hanjin, a giant South Korean shipping company, is in bankruptcy. How does that affect you? Well, it might affect cost and access to overseas products that would be in transit to the U.S. via container ships. In addition it could affect product availability for the 2016 Christmas Season. Because we sell “Made in the USA” products, we can still provide great products on time. Read more

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Promotional Products for Schools

The first day of school for a child brings joy and memories most families will never forget. As time goes on and school days pass the relationship between families and the school grows through community events, fundraisers and sports. There are many opportunities for families to share their school pride. Often parents and even grandparents and siblings will wear or display school logos on their vehicle, clothing and personal items such as bags, water bottles etc. Promotional products for schools are a great way to boost school spirit, but they can also make great fundraisers and even work to help with event promotion.

The primary use for promotional products in a school is spirit gear or swag. Read more

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Ideas to Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer

Ideas to Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer August 16, 2016/in News /by Carly Crow October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). Major breast cancer charities organize this campaign to increase awareness and raise funds for researching a cure. A lot of us know someone who has breast cancer or is affected by it in some way. […]

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Best Sellers – Promotional Products & Apparel

We get a lot of questions about which promotional products or apparel items are our best sellers. So, this month we wanted to feature a couple products that are popular among our customers.

First, we have a pen with a stylus. These are hot right now. Read more

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Personalized and Custom Bags

Check out our monthly feature in the video below or read on for more about custom bags!

Who doesn’t love a custom bag! Whether you are shopping at the local farmers market, headed to the beach or on your way to school a custom bag is a functional and sometimes stylish accessory we all need. Because they are so functional, they are a great item to personalize. According to the 2016 study by ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute), bags generate more impressions in the U.S. than any other promotional item. Read more

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5 Reasons to Utilize a Promotional Product Expert

If you are en expert in your field you understand how you can benefit your customer. You also be able to identify what you are not an expert in; like Promotional Products. So, why do the work outside of your expertise when their experts who can help you that don’t cost you more? Here are 5 reasons why you should use an expert instead of buying products online where you may miss the big picture. Promotional Experts: Read more

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Women’s Fishing Shirts

Reel Women Catch & Release tank top - women's fishing shirtsReel Women catch & release - women's fishing shirts


Do you Fish and Tell? We’ve got the pefect product for you! We have launched a selection of WOMEN’S FISHING SHIRTS that are sure to please. They are lightweight, super soft and cute! We love to sell shirts we like to wear, so since we have a couple ladies who are fishing gurus these were inspired by them.

Also, if you are looking for some mens options, check out our MICHIGAN MADE line with a some sizes and designs for them. Thank you for shopping with The Gear Group. Check back often for new styles. Also, if you want a chance to win FREE T-shirts Enter Now. 

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The Gear Group Promotional Products and Apparel

The top 5 Reasons Promotional Products Work!

Promotional products for marketingHere are the top five reasons that promotional products work to increase brand awareness, keep you top-of-mind and increase sales among your prospects.

Give and you shall receive. When you give somebody something they feel compelled to reciprocate. Therefore they are more likely to do business with you. L.J. Market Research did a study that found 52% of participants given a promotional item, ultimately did business with that company. Read more

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8 Ways To Use Custom Wristbands

Check out this video to learn about our deals on custom wristbands or check out the article below for 8 ways to use custom wristbands. 


Read on to learn 8 ways to use custom wristbands in your marketing campaigns:

Custom wristbands are a way to get a custom message to your audience for a low cost. There are tons of colors, materials, uses and imprint methods that make these products fun and useful. Plus, it is an item that people will hang on to.  So, if you are putting on an event, like a concert or a festival, it is more likely that people will hang on to a wristband to preserve the memory of the event verses holding on to a ticket stub. Read on to learn about eight ways you can use wristbands to promote your message. You can use them for:

  1. Branding
  2. Making the person wearing the band part of something; like a group, cause, event etc.)
  3. Showing support for a cause
  4. Rewarding kids for good behavior (schools, daycares etc.)
  5. Races
  6. Event Entry (in place of a ticket)
  7. Giveaways
  8. Categorizing people at an event (for example, provide different color bands for different age groups)

Contact one of our promotional product experts today to learn more about all of the different options or shop our wristband selection now.




Promotional products are effective

Who Buys Promotional Products?

The top 10 purchasers of promotional products are a varied selection of trades and organizations.
Louisiana State University and Glenrich Business Studies conducted research and determined that the following were the top 10 industries. They are in order according to which industry spent the most down to the least in promotional products:

Read more