Be the Good, Love Wins!

Be the Good, Love Wins!

I woke up horrified on the morning of Monday, October 2nd. My news feeds were stacked with reports of the The Las Vegas shooting and I watched and read as the victim count increased. I was fortunate enough that myself and my loved ones were safe, but there were so many who were not. I was saddened and overwhelmed that day. How do comprehend why something as horrific as this would happen and how do you even begin to explain that to your kids? I had no words, but I knew I wanted to help. I wanted to do something to contribute to the good in the world and bring it into focus.

I happened to be out of the country when the attack happened, but over the next few days I was inspired by the response to this tragedy and unity I saw in the country music community and in Las Vegas. When I returned to work, Read more

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5 ways to plan ahead and get your Healthcare Promotional Products

Healthcare Promotional Products

Whether you are starting a new office or facility, or have an existing location promotional products are a great way to get your name out there and we want to help you plan ahead with your healthcare promotional product campaigns. Branded products will keep your healthcare business top of mind with your target audience. There are many products that can be customized that are specific to the healthcare industry like ice packs, hand sanitizer, scrubs and thermometer, but just like any other industry your promotional product has to meet the needs of  your campaign to truly maximize it’s potential. Read more


Top 5 Categories in Promotional Products for Sports

Top 5 Categories in Promotional Products for Sports When we think of sports, we think of everything from teams to schools, gear and winning! At the Gear Group we have staff members that are collegiate and national team sports fans, athletes, as well as, parents with children in youth sports, ranging from hockey to football and gymnastics. […]

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Promotional Products that are “Passing the Bar”

There are over 684,000 bars and restaurants in the U.S. That means it is tough to stand out. It is important for your business to have a marketing plan and be ahead of the curve by incorporating the top promotional products to execute your plan and build customer relationships. By producing and distributing branded promotional products, you will become top of mind with your target audience. Branding a useful item like a mug, keychain, bottle opener or apparel can give you multiple brand impressions with your target audience all at a low cost.Apron

Branded products make great gifts and can be given with purchase or as a thank you. They also make great customer or employee appreciation rewards. You can even sell them to your customers! Yup, if your design is catchy enough or your product is useful you can get people to pay for your products and essentially “subscribe” to your brand. People will wear shirts with your logo or drink from cups with your brand. Who doesn’t want to promote their business by giving  your brand fans to become walking billboard sporting gear with your logo on it?

If you are interested in getting some products with your logo it might be helpful to know what others are using. Here are the top promotional products in the bar and restaurant industry: Read more


Increase Membership with Promotional Products: Churches & Organizations

Increase Membership with Promotional Products: Churches & Organizations Most churches and organizations are looking for new ways to increase membership. Promotional products not only increase your brand awareness but they leave a lasting impression that lingers with prospective members and the community. Branded gear stimulates people to talk about your brand and remember interactions they have […]

Corporate Meeting about promotional products

5 Ways Corporations Use Promotional Products


Giving a client or prospect a tangible branded item is a great way to get brand exposure. It’s marketing at it’s most basic form; it’s simple, yet effective. Your promo item will be a constant reminder to the recipient to contact you. It also gives them a positive feeling about your business. There are many opportunities to use promotional products in addition to just giveaways to get your brand in prospects hands. The following list gives you five ways that you can use promotional products for a corporate promotion. Read more

Hey, we’re on WZZM 13 News!

We opened our new location along Seaway Drive in Muskegon Heights and couldn’t be happier.  This new location increases the visibility and accessibility of our products and services to our clients. We offer promotional products, apparel and marketing and now you can stop into our show room and get a custom quote from one of our reps. We will custom brand any item from our 800,000 products for you. Stop in today to learn more.

Below is the WZZM article.


MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICH. – Muskegon Heights is starting off 2017 with a win when it comes to attracting a new business.

Leaders of The Gear Group selected Muskegon Heights to settle over two other lakeshore communities.

The city of Muskegon Heights is blessed with five-miles of frontage on Seaway Drive.  Traffic counts on that road are some of the highest in Muskegon County.  Several thousand motorists travel on Seaway Drive along Muskegon Heights every day.

“That is prime real estate,” said Jake Eckholm, Muskegon Heights City Manager.   Read more

custom acrylic awards

Custom Acrylic Awards

At The Gear Group, we often rave about our custom acrylic awards and sometimes lose track of the fact that our awards are truly unique. We forget that not everyone can create custom acrylic awards with unique images, shapes, and dimensions all at an affordable cost.

How are our awards different than others?

University of Michigan custom acrylic award

The Blue and Yellow are printed to the back and the icons are printed on the front of the award.

Well, for starters, we can design these awards with unique graphics that can print first and second surface. This means some of the design will be printed on the front of the award and some on the back and show through the clear material. This will enhance the background of the design and will create a dimensional effect that is visually interesting and creative. Read more

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American Made Promotional Products and Apparel

american flagWe sell American made products. Today, as national news focuses on the changing landscape of the major players in overseas shipping, know that at The Gear Group we offer thousands of products made right here in the USA. Hanjin, a giant South Korean shipping company, is in bankruptcy. How does that affect you? Well, it might affect cost and access to overseas products that would be in transit to the U.S. via container ships. In addition it could affect product availability for the 2016 Christmas Season. Because we sell “Made in the USA” products, we can still provide great products on time. Read more