Holmes Elementary

Holmes Elementary Parents Club – Case Study

We wanted to increase brand awareness for Holmes Elementary School while raising funds for Holmes Parents Club to support the school.

The Parents Club at Spring Lake’s Holmes Elementary needed additional ways to raise money while raising community support, but couldn’t add any more events to the annual calendar.

The Gear Group worked with Holmes Parents Club to select apparel such as tee shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies that they could sell to parents, students, community members and school staff via a custom g2 Outlet. Read more

Midnite Sun

Midnite Sun – Case Study

Midnite Sun partnered with The Gear Group  to help them create a way to streamline purchasing Corporate apparel.

Midnite Sun was in need of quick-turn, quality apparel for all of their locations throughout West Michigan. They were in a pinch as their current vendor could not meet their needs.

The Gear Group set up a basic G2 Outlet with customized Midnite Sun apparel, at no additional cost,  Read more